Sunday, September 16, 2007

The most amazing drink any hunter could ever find

Since the introduction of the new raiding formats it leaves little to the imagination that a good balanced group needs to trim the fat and make sure that everyone is using flasks and buff foods just to insure victory. With the ever present need of mana for us hunters i have found the most wonderful thing in the world. FEL MANA POTIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Ya you may have used one and seen the debuff that occurs when you drink them. Fear not friends for as a class that has nothing to do with spell damage or healing this side effect will not effect you in any way, shape or form. I have also found that since it is not an immediate mana boost but is more like an innervate in a can you can drink one right after you have depleted around a thousand mana you can drink and it will keep up with moderate special shot rotations and when combined with aspect of the viper can provide a large mana boost in long fights. Just make sure it doesn't gimp your RAP with not using aspect of the hawk. Flasks and Paladin buff such as kings and might should offset the loss and will keep your dps higher since you will have access to more mana thus allowing more shots rotations. If you need hard numbers about how much mana and threat these things cause you can check out a great post on this buy Phaelia at resto4life. So without anymore rambling i wish you all happy hunting and phat lewts.

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Aurandis said...

The nice thing about this potion is that it's not very materials-heavy. Pretty easy to get mats + potion-spec alchemist = WIN!