Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hunter mods

While i don't get carried away with addons like some players i know i have found one that I am almost unable to live without. Kharthus Hunter Timers is a little outdated but does the job quite well since it brings a a bar that you put anywhere and shows you the cooldowns and such of all your stings, autoshot and spec abilities that proc or are used and helps me with my shot rotations trying to avoid clipping my autoshot and conserve mana with the application of my stings and when to reapply them without them running out or to fast wasting mana. Just a little info for anyone who is interested.

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Draezele said...

I use zHunter, especially since it has a nice traps/aura menu included. Two other popular timers are Big Trouble and Little Trouble, though I don't have any personal experience with them. Most don't have the sting timers as part of them, but I use Natur's Enemy Casting already, which has that functionality.

Looking forward to more postings! :)